DAY 1 – I Will Not Yell! Oops, I will not yell (whisper)

I confess. I should not be writing this blog. I am a full-time wife; mother of two boys; project manager and accountant for the household; have a full-time consulting career; part-time photography business; and a growing passion redesigning vintage furniture into shabby chic treasures. I don’t have time to write a blog.

Yet, I feel compelled to do this. Why?

Here’s what I’ve figured out so far.

Accountability – a key to successfully breaking a bad habit is being held accountable…by others. First and foremost, I am accountable to God. He blessed me with these beautiful children, and falling short as their loving parent does not show how much I realize what a gift he’s given me.

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My 8-year old is on this journey with me and has promised to let me know when I’m yelling. With the exception of one deal, in his own words, “You can yell at us if we run into the street. That’s totally okay, Mom!” Ah, a scapegoat!

  • [Me: I just picked up all these toys 20 minutes ago!!!]
  • [Him: Mom, you’re yelling again.]
  • [Me: Oh, didn’t you take the toys to the street and then bring them back in the house just to dump them on the floor again? You can’t go in the street!!!] Just kidding… 🙂

I’ve also invited a good friend for regular check-ins. She’s one of those awesome, totally real friends that will be forgiving but straight with me. I highly recommend finding one of these friends!

My husband and I always try to step in when the other is losing their cool, so he’s another accountability tool in my pocket. Although he’s seldom there when I’m at my weakest…those times where I’ve run out of patience because I’ve been slaughtered with crying, whining, and sibling rivalry on my own for +++ hours.

All good accountability actions, but I felt compelled to take this to an extreme level. To ensure my success, not be able to back out of it, to have to confess how I fared for the day to…the world wide web. Talk about accountability!!!

Therapy – writing can be therapeutic. At least for me. In my younger days (I’m talking many, many “days” ago), I put pen to paper when I was frustrated, hurt, or confused. It usually took the form of poetry and was heartache-related. Stupid boys! (Oops, I’m not supposed to say stupid. Shhh, don’t tell my kids.)

It’s been years since I’ve written a sappy, soulful poem – once I met my husband and married, that need just sort of dissipated. I believe writing can be nurturing again for me. Now a different kind of topic. Striving to be the best mother, wife, Christian, and human I can be. Who knew this could take on the form of a blog?!?

The “big book” – here’s an area where I fail miserably, and that’s reading God’s word. I love to read, love books! I have a whole slew of book ideas and early chapters written down electronically or on paper and stored…gosh, I don’t even know where they all are. (Note to self: Look for all written words before I kick the bucket, someone else finds them, and wonders what in the world I was thinking.) I’ve been writing stories since 2nd grade. My first “book” was The Horse That Learned Ballet (in case you’re wondering, no, not a masterpiece). I find a fictional book I like, and devote myself to complete the series.

The Bible is the most important, meaningful book on earth. Why haven’t I read it cover to cover? Should it be read that way? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least, I hope to pull from scripture for encouragement and guidance. Even if I’m just looking up one short scripture at a time, that’s progress. Baby steps, people. This may be just the push I need to start digging into the “big book”.

So, this is my journey to a yell-free home. Yes, I’ve failed before, but for the first time I feel really hopeful. I haven’t a clue how this blog will evolve…if it will last…or bite the dust. I may not be able to write every day, but I will always share the truth about my daily progress. And I promise to be real.

Does your heart seek the same goal as mine? Will you join me? Let’s find success (and a peaceful home) together!

Oh, I almost forgot the whole point of this! How did I fare on Day 1 of my journey? SUCCESS! And it feels so good! It’s not the end, of course, and I fully expect to have setbacks, but let’s just take it one day at a time, okay?

Day 2, here I come!

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