From One Mom to Another, You Are Awesome!

A special tribute to every recipient of Mother’s Day celebrations out there. Please feel free to insert dad, grandparent, aunt/uncle, older sibling, family friend, etc. into any of the mom references below, recognizing that there are plenty of non-traditional families out there with someone other than “mom” fulfilling a mother’s role!

To the mom with a misbehaving child in the store (on the plane, at the park, wherever), please see the empathy in my eyes, not disdain. See the encouragement in a weak smile, not judgment. Hear my thoughts saying, You’re a good mom. We’ve all been there. ALL of us.

To the mom of 4+ kids, your superhero suit is in the mail. Think Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Oh, well, I wouldn’t want to wear that stretchy material either, but I bet you can pull it off. No idea how you do it. Truly. Wait, who am I kidding? This goes to any mom whose number of kids outweighs the number of adults.

To the childless mom, our hearts hear yours. Many of us have been where you sit, hands in your lap, searching the heavens. But only YOU know your pain. Know that God has a plan. And that we’re praying for you, too.


To the new mom, you have so much to learn (snicker). But we envy the beautiful stage you are at right now. Full of wonder and possibility. Grasp it every day – it’s magical. And then don’t lose it as the years fly by.

To the mom of pre-teens and teens, I’ve heard it only gets harder as they get older. So please take notes so you can help me out when I get there. 🙂

To the adoptive mom, welcome to the club! We are all moms no matter how we got here. Warning: advice will be loaded upon you.

To the single mom, let go of the guilt. Ask for help. We see you, and we know how hard it is with two parents, let alone one.

To the mom who’s lost a child, I have no words. My heart breaks. I have no words at all.

To the empty nest mom, you’ve been through stages your kids have yet to face. They will always need you. Always.

To the foster mom, bless you. You fall in love with these kids, and still find the strength to let go when it’s time. Amazing.

To the mom already lifted up to heaven, put a good word in for us, will you? Thank you for all you did. You will always be loved and never forgotten.

To MY mom, who says, Never stop dreaming. Thank you. Sorry I didn’t give you these grandkids sooner.

To …me, your kids love you, and you adore them. Don’t stress. From the mouths of your own babes, You’re a good mama.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

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