Toddlers & Pedicures (Mine, Not His!)

A Mom’s work is never done. But that is most important to me. So when I’m not at my job, I’m with my kids.

I want to spend as much time with them as possible. Having a full-time career outside the home helps me care for my family, but it does put a big dent in the time factor. So I just weave my own stuff in where I can – photography, furniture redesign, my blog – I do them with my kids, around my kids, or after everyone’s asleep!

Obviously, there are things for me that I skip. I just don’t find the time.

The other day I realized it’s summer. Oh, I know, it was already here. But summer is truly here when footwear changes. I was looking at a pair of sandals, realizing I should get a pedicure. I really WANT a pedicure. Yes, I could do it myself, but they do a much better job. But fitting in something like this is tough, because I’m seldom alone.


I stopped to consider when I could get a pedicure.

Then tried to guess when my hubby might be able to give me an hour solo.

Then wondered what’s stopping me from taking my 2-year old with me to get a pedicure?

Oops, did I lose you there? You’re thinking…Everything!

Yes, the toddler years can be challenging. But let’s stop thinking this is the terrible 2’s and 3’s. Here’s what I LOVE about my toddler!

Lots of Yes

Toddlers find their independence. They dress themselves. They pull themselves into their car seat. Mine can zip his own jacket. They want to do everything alone. Independence also brings opinions. They start to say No to you.

But have you noticed they say Yes when others don’t?

Who’s going to the grocery store with me? Guess who’s first to answer, “I will!”

My 2-year old.

Who can pick up the toys the quickest before my vacuum sucks them up? Guess who stops what he’s doing to help?

My 2-year old.

I need someone to do me a favor. Guess who’s first to respond, “What is it, Mama?”

My 2-year old.

This age is often still one of agreement, the pure interest in everyday activities and just interacting with others. This is one of the things I love – because he reminds ME to just enjoy being together…even if it’s a grocery run.

Lots of Funny

They say the funniest things at this age. My little one cracks me up almost daily. It was true of my oldest when he was this age, too. I’ll never forget a shopping trip where I was trying on pants in the dressing room. My son honestly shared his observations.

[Him: Mama, your butt is big.]

[Me: Yeah.]

[Him: It’s bigger than mine.]

[Me: It should be. I’m a bigger person.]

[Him: It’s a lot bigger.] Okay, thank you.

I could just imagine women in the other dressing rooms trying to stuff something in their mouths to keep from bursting out.

Laughter keeps us young. Bless the kiddos for reversing the clock for me!

Lots of Life

The force is strong in this one. I just saw a movie trailer about a new (non-animated) movie in the Star Wars saga coming this December. And Harrison Ford and Chewbacca were in it! Sorry, side track.

Toddlers are full of life. They’re in a world of discovery, open to anything because it’s still new. They have all the time in the world to truly enjoy things. This life force can seep into us…if we let it.

Let’s be honest. With time, everyday activities become repetitive, mundane…just not interesting. And it seems we need bigger and better things to excite us. But toddlers are stimulated by the simplest of pleasures.

Like a ripe peach. He bites into the side, and juice runs down his chin. And he couldn’t care less. He’s in the moment of enjoying that sweet taste. It’s inspiring to see.

And it’s not just my toddler. I’m thankful that my 8-year old still sees the wonder in things. Recently, it was the week the cottonwood trees drop their seeds. Yes, it can be a mess. But this day there was a light breeze, and cottonwood tufts were blowing all along our street, almost mimicking a soft snowfall. When I pointed it out to my 8-year old, he said, “It’s beautiful!”

They see the beauty in things. They focus on the moment. Do we? Not enough, I think. This is what I want to boost in my adult years.

So I’m back to wondering if I could take my 2-year old with me to get a pedicure.

  • [Me: I’d like to ask you a favor.]
  • [Him: What is it, Mama?]
  • [Me: I’d like to go get my toes washed and painted – it’s called a pedicure – so they look nice and pretty. Would you go with me?]
  • [Him: Yes.] Just that simple…
  • [Me: What color should I get?]
  • [Him: Purple.] Ummm…
  • [Me: Why purple?]
  • [Him: Because that’s a girl’s favorite color.]
  • [Me: I didn’t know that.] I’m not getting purple!
  • [Him: Can I have a treat?]

THAT, I agreed to!

And in the spirit of continuing to tend my flowers, I thanked him whole-heartedly for spending part of his day doing something for me.

He gave me a shy smile, touched noses, and said, “You’re welcome, Mama!”

At the salon, he proceeded to ask everyone what their favorite color is. Love my toddler!

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