I’m Hiding the Pudding!

Ever have one of those days?

Where the tireless mom tasks go unnoticed? You’re pretty sure no one is aware of half the stuff you do. And any stuff they are noticing is met with disappointment or tears.

I don’t want to go to the grocery store. I don’t want chicken for dinner. Why didn’t you wash my Nike sweatshirt?

Today was one of those days.

In fact, I told myself all day, “You shouldn’t write a post today. You’re feeling resentful toward the family. How are you going to find something positive in that?”

Then I thought maybe that was the point of the blog. My opportunity to turn things around if I just take the time to think about it differently.

But I’m sitting here at my computer, staring at a cup of chocolate pudding, and it’s hard to think of any positive spin. I told myself I couldn’t eat the pudding until I finished my post. Ugh! What’d I do that for?

29 - pudding

This pudding is just one example of feeling unappreciated, even invisible, at times.

I remember the last time I craved chocolate pudding and picked some up at the store. By the time I remembered I had it, it was eaten. I’m pretty sure that was within 24 hours. Did anyone ask if I wanted any? No. Did anyone ask why I had bought it (when typically I don’t)? Nope. They just gobbled it up.

BTW, cooking is not my forte. I dislike the planning, purchasing, and preparing. But the last two weeks, I’ve been trying new recipes – making good meals for the family – where we can sit at the table together and connect after a busy day. I’m 0 for 4 so far. For all my extra effort, I usually hear, “What is that?” before dinner is even finished. And that’s not just from the kids.

And if you’ve read my past posts, you know I try to find ways to be the fun mom. But honestly, I’m the one that’s constantly taking care of stuff, and it never seems like there’s time to just stop for fun. So when my oldest returned home after spending the day doing fun stuff with Dad, and I had missed seeing him, he laid down to watch a movie snuggled on the blanketed living room floor with…you guessed it…Dad.

I know they love me. But one thing after another today made me feel distinctly unloved. And very unappreciated. And sorry for myself. And many times I just wanted to cry.

Do you ever feel this way?

So here’s what I’m telling myself…and you. Hide the pudding!

You deserve it, and by golly, no one is going to go to the store when you have that craving and get some for you. 🙂

Seriously, though, you need to know that all your effort, out of love for your family – well, most of the time, it’s out of love – is seen and noticed. By Him.

Did you know there’s only one person in Scripture to ever name God? It’s Hagar, the maidservant who conceives for Abram and his wife Sarai. She fled after harsh treatment from Sarai’s jealousy. When an angel encourages her, she names God, El Roi, the God who sees. Because she felt truly seen by Him.

He sees us every day.

  • He sees you handle difficulty at work because you missed a day to be with your sick child.
  • He sees you fighting for patience during a bedtime tantrum after 10 hours of work.
  • He sees how badly you want to – but don’t – give up on your consistent discipline with a whining child.
  • He sees you fall into bed after working a full day, running errands, making dinner, emptying the dishwasher, helping with homework, doing a load of laundry, paying bills, and falling asleep during story time.
  • He sees that despite your feelings of self-pity and disappointment, you love your family and will continue to tirelessly be all you can be for them.

     The Lord looks from heaven;
he sees all the sons of men; from
His dwelling place He looks out on
all the inhabitants of the earth, He
who fashions the hearts of them all,
He who understands all their works.
                                       Psalm 33:13-15

So when I feel like giving up because no one is noticing all that I’m doing anyway, I can count on my all-seeing savior to notice, even if my family doesn’t. Which means I keep doing it. And I can let go of the resentment, because there is someone who sees me and knows my heart.

But I’m still hiding the pudding. In fact, I may eat two cups tonight. After all, I finished my post. 🙂


RECIPE SUCCESS – BTW, if you have any good, family-approved recipes to pass on, let me know. Although I have to warn you. I have NOT been making anything strange. I’m using honestly good recipes from other moms. But they’ve disliked the homemade tomato soup (despite loving the Campbell’s version), chicken & gravy over noodles, chicken with shells & cheese, and ham & potato stew. Seriously. One of them is mac-n-cheese, people! I’ve decided it’s not me. It’s them. 🙂


  1. Right there with you! That feeling happens many times. Honestly, I think we have to wait until they’re all grown up (possibly with kids of their own) to get the true appreciation we crave. I know I was never great at letting my mom know that I appreciated all that she did for me… until I had kids and had a deep understanding of it all.

    I know you were asking for recipes, but I thought you may like to read this article I just finished about Picky Eaters.
    Some really good reminders for me anyway… everyone is so different, I think we just have to keep trying in the food department. However, I do keep my chocolate stash for myself. Fortunately, no one but me and the girl like dark chocolate, and the girl prefers her sugary candy as a treat over the dark chocolate most of the time, so that is my treat to myself!

    Hugs! I think you’re doing a wonderful job with your kiddos!


    • This one has seem to hit a mark with a lot of us, so its very real, and we all just have to hang in there. I’m sure I didn’t realize all my mom did either when I was young. Thanks for the article! And always appreciate the comments and hugs!


  2. Thanks for the positive reinforcement. I think sometimes we over think the small things.

    The big things are the way children go out into the world and share what they’ve learned from us. I did this interview a little while back about autism and anti bullying. When you see how the young girls interact and talk about what they’ve seen in their young lives, you just know their parents are exceptional https://fairytaleaccess.blogspot.com/2014/04/our-choices-our-responsibility-towards.html those little things really add up – you deserve the whole pack of pudding!

    Your children are learning that there are things that we don’t like to do in life; but no matter what my mom taught me to keep trying new things or new ways to do the things that we have to get done, even if it’s just preparing a meal. Your little thing will be a bigger thing than you imagined and it’s all good. 😉


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