There’s Magic in the Air

Don’t you just love the smell of a baby?

This Thanksgiving, I got to spend time with my 5-month old nephew. I got to sniff to my heart’s content that heavenly fresh scent.

There’s something magical about a baby. The warmth of his small body, his tiny fist grasping my finger. It’s the wonder of him smiling in response, the inexplicable peace you feel watching him sleep.

Oh sure, there’s the spit-up, the crying, the poopy diapers, the lack of sleep. But I’m the Aunt in this case. I can just soak up the good stuff. 🙂

What’s amazing about a baby is a whole new life.

What’s amazing about this holiday season is a new life. And it all started with a baby. But it wasn’t just the baby’s new life. It was a new life for all of us.

34 - HUGs giving

There are two things I love best about Christmas. The wonder of what God did for us by sending his own son as the ultimate sacrifice for our souls. As a mother, that’s a hard one to fathom. I can’t imagine sending my child into such a painful, heart-wrenching experience. And yet, He loved us that much. I’m reminded at this time of year what He truly did for us. What Jesus, a sweet-smelling tiny baby, was sent here to do. I’m in awe. And thankful for the reminder.

The other thing I love about Christmas is its magic. What I mean by magic is special, delightful, and powerful. There’s an extra spirit of giving, an extra storage of patience, handfuls of compliments and kindness. There’s anticipation of someone opening a gift. There’s a need to give to others that have nothing to give in return. There’s making everything look shiny and new with twinkling lights, wrapping paper, and decorations.

Granted, there is stress. On the surface, there are crammed schedules. Reminders to order cards in time, not to miss that music recital, pick up last minute gifts, or plan a meal for a large group. But when is there not stress?

And below the surface, this season can be more than stressful. It can be difficult for many. Painful with loss, sad with heartache, worrisome about funds, even agonizing for some.

But that’s why we need more of the magic.

I think He meant for there to be magic this time of year. As a reminder to remember miracles do happen. After all, the first Christmas held quite a bit of magic, did it not?

Mary became heavy with child without lying with a man.

Our savior was born in a meager manger.

Wise men were led to him by a shining star.

All wondrous, magical, miraculous things.

     “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear
a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel”
(which means, God with us).
                                       Matthew 1:23

This year, I felt compelled to create a little magic. To give to others in a unique way. I want my kids to not only learn the importance of giving from it, but to also have their own personal experience with the magic of the season.

I’m starting something new. My own version of random acts of kindness. I’m calling it HUGs – something that my kids can relate to and easily remember – Humble Urges of Giving.

We’re on a 25-day adventure to give small & simple gifts to strangers, sometimes never knowing who receives them, in the hope that someone will experience a little magic themselves.

It starts December 1, and it looks a little something like this.

HUGS Idea List

Let’s create some magic!

Hint: Check the Facebook page for updates on our 25 Days of HUGs! If you’d like to join in, I’m happy to share printable HUG sheets.

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