Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Is it just me? Or is laundry a bunch of spiteful beasts? Those socks are taunting me. Hee hee. We got separated so she couldn’t pair us up. It’s the same clothes every week. Despite the variety in the kids’ closets. Oh, pick me, pick me. You wore me just yesterday, but no one will […]

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Make Smiling Your Favorite

Over the holidays, we enjoyed one of our favorite movies, Elf. There’s a scene that always makes me chuckle. The department manager sees Buddy’s big grin and asks, “Why are you smiling?” “Smiling is my favorite,” he says with joy. The department manager scowls, “Make work your favorite. Work is your new favorite!” Work is […]

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Time Should Be Wasted

Time is a precious thing. There’s never enough of it. I manage life like each passing minute needs to be tackled. Gotcha! I knock it to the ground, clutch it in my sweaty hands, ground it together with the other minutes I snatched, and hope I can get a full ½ hour to vacuum and […]

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Listening to Heartbeats

Falling short of the loving, though not perfect, parent my kids deserve does not express how much I realize what a gift He’s given me. Because they truly are a gift. Here’s a look-back at my discoveries in 2015 from looking a little closer in the rear-view mirror and listening a little closer to my […]

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Please Let My Child Cry

This post has no eggnog. No holiday bliss. No ribbons and bows. It’s not about making memories. It isn’t even very Christmasy. This post is for those moms trying to shop while dragging little ones along. And for the unfortunate shoppers around you during inevitable meltdowns. Recently, my toddler formed this bad habit of saying […]

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