Stop Looking at Pinterest!

I’m banning Pinterest for the rest of the year. It makes me look bad. I keep seeing pins for creative stocking stuffers, beautifully organized gift wrap, placements for Elf on the Shelf, and cookies shaped like mugs of hot cocoa. Seriously, these are sugar cookies perfectly formed into mugs, complete with chocolate chip ganache (for […]

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Up Close and Personal

UPDATE: Since writing this post, our local police department shared information that many of these panhandlers are frauds, often turning down job offers or offers to take them to homeless shelters, and consciously choose to live this lifestyle. Although panhandling is legal and I may have fallen for a fraudulent one, I won’t let it […]

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There’s Magic in the Air

Don’t you just love the smell of a baby? This Thanksgiving, I got to spend time with my 5-month old nephew. I got to sniff to my heart’s content that heavenly fresh scent. There’s something magical about a baby. The warmth of his small body, his tiny fist grasping my finger. It’s the wonder of […]

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Keeping Up (Whew!)

I will be age 59 when my youngest graduates high school. Technically, that’s old enough to be his grandmother. Somebody’s grandmother. I have a friend my age who just became a grandmother. And I have a 3-year old. Yes, I’m one of those parents. Old. Hubby and I were married 10 years before welcoming our […]

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Remember the Promises (to You)

I don’t usually write about my husband in these posts. But I saw something last night that I thought was worth sharing. My oldest had spent the day with Dad at the track racing their remote control trucks. After getting home, my son started tinkering with one of his out-of-commission models. He was having trouble […]

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