I Don’t HAVE To, I GET To

I had to attend a conference last week. (Part of the reason this post is late – sorry.) Conferences suck my energy. Remember, I’m an introvert. You have to be ON all day long, and the day doesn’t end after sessions. There are afternoon receptions, dinners, and evening receptions. When I drop into bed at […]

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Hugs Open Doors

Last week I worried my heart would break. Or my toddler would hate me. Or both. My 3-year-old was starting a preschool class. There are 3 reasons I dreaded it. He JUST turned 3. Four days earlier. He’s so innocent. And I don’t want him to lose any of it. I knew he would cry. […]

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I Drive Them Nuts, Too

They drive me nuts. My family. I love them to pieces, but still… The noise alone. Noise is something I never run out of. Motor sounds of all kinds: cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, scooters, semis, bulldozers. Just to pull you into my world for a second… Vvrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, shsshshshshshweew, ckck ckck ckckck ckckck crash, vvrrrrrrrrrrrrr, buh […]

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Love is NOT normal

“Can I tell you something?” my Mom asked last week. Uh oh. [Me: Is it good or bad?] [Her: Good.] [Me: Okay.] Not that I would have stopped her, but I never want to hear bad things, especially from my Mom. [Her: You’ve changed.] [Me: What do you mean?] [Her: Well, I don’t know if […]

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I Said It First!

“I love you, Mama,” my 8-year old looked up at me. We were side-by-side on the couch, staying up a little late while summer is coming to a close, for our “special show” time. He’s my partner in crime when it comes to flea market scouting. He has an eagle eye. And we like to […]

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