I Need My Step Stool!

I wish my toddler would stop growing.

I was watching him tonight pull his step stool to the sink so he could brush his teeth. He has to stretch his toes to reach the faucet.

And I thought to myself, Please don’t get any bigger. He’s at this sweet stage right now, where his pudgy little body still fits on my hip, his hand can wrap around my one finger, and his eyes light up when he sees something new. I’m not ready for him to grow up more.

But I am ready for this journey of mine to…GET A MOVE ON!

19 - step stool

This blog started with my journey to a yell-free home. I hated the loud voice that kept showing up in frustration, and felt I had to change. Writing about it has been my method of accountability and means for improvement.

Like my toddler, I’ve been using steps along the way to help reach my goal. Recognizing my triggers and avoiding them. Using new tricks to keep the boys from arguing. Planning fun things to prevent their boredom.

I reach for my goal daily, but there are times it feels like I haven’t gotten very far. Once in a while, the step stool gets kicked out from beneath me.

Makes me wonder if this goal is even possible. Worthy? Yes! But is it possible?

As it says in the book of Matthew, “With God, all things are possible.”

Here I am stretching myself as tall as I can to be the super-patient, never-failing, wise mom I have in my head…wishing she’d show up already…and I’ve been forgetting that I need to rely on God to get me there, not my step stools.

And it won’t happen overnight. It will likely take longer than I wish.

     But do not forget this one thing,
dear friends: With the Lord a day
is like a thousand years, and a
thousand years are like a day.
                                       2 Peter 3:8

His time is not the same as mine. But just like my toddler will reach new heights when the time is right, I’ll get there when it’s time. Because He knows when that is, and He will help get me there.

Dear God, I promise to use YOU as my step stool…if you promise to get me there in fewer than a thousand years. Deal?

No deals, just faith! 🙂

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