I’m Pretty Well Covered, Thanks!

I almost didn’t write a post this week.

Until, when I left the grocery store tonight, a man blessed me.

I wondered…Why?

Post ideas flittered through my head all weekend, but nothing stuck. I knew I could pull some pre-written, partially complete posts and finish them, but they weren’t pulling at my heart at the moment.

I actually started thinking, Maybe I could just skip this week. I don’t know how many people are regularly reading these posts, so a missed post would likely not be noticed. Not that I’m complaining, because I started this blog to keep myself on track. But…it would be nice to know I’m not alone. That there are other parents out there whose kids know how to push their buttons…and often…and we’re doing our best not to regularly lose it. That maybe my experiences and observations struck someone else in a similar way. Even that they were able to look at things differently.

I wondered, Would anyone know that I didn’t write a new post?

20 - blessed

I did a lot this weekend…physically. Hauled sand bags, replaced sand in the sandbox, weeded, planted flowers, sanded and stained a desk, painted and upholstered an ottoman, set up the sprinkler for the boys (and ran through it with them!), picked raspberries, had lots of time outside under the hot sun.

It felt good. To be outside, to get a lot done. But my bones were weary. My mind wanted to do more – like write my weekly post – but I wasn’t sure my body would make it. I knew as soon as I stopped moving, my body would say, Thank you, good night.

And it did. As soon as I lay next to my youngest for story time, I knew this week’s post would have to wait.

Before story time, there was Destination: Grocery Store. It was necessary, despite my exhaustion. No milk or bread will do that.

This man spoke to me, waving, as we passed each other through the automatic IN and OUT doors. “God bless you, Maam,” he said.

What motivated him to do that? Did I look totally stressed out? Or bone-weary tired? Or did his own blessed day inspire him to pass it on? Or does he do that to everyone, everywhere, every day?

When I sat in my driver’s seat, I realized I didn’t answer him other than smile. What would I have said if I’d had more time…if he hadn’t caught me off guard?

I thought about it, then felt what was in my heart: “He already has!”

     From the fullness of his grace
we have all received one
blessing after another.
                                       John 1:16

I am so incredibly blessed. Two amazing boys I adore. A hard-working husband who loves us dearly. Family nearby that are very involved grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Friends I can always count on. A good-paying job with flexibility to balance family life, too. A lovely place to call home. A healthy mind and body that keeps moving. Food in my belly. And a God who has given me so much.

This weekend was proof of my blessings. The boys played well together, the sun was shining, we enjoyed cookouts and dinner outside, movie night with popcorn. I tossed normal bedtime out the window as we sat by the campfire and shared a box of M&M’s. It was peaceful and relaxing (in spite of the hard work).

So while we normally have an automatic response to someone blessing us by returning the same words without even thinking, I’m glad this stranger caused me to stop and really consider those words. And discover a new answer.

Thanks for the reminder, sir. While I would never turn down a blessing, you can have some from me. I’m pretty filled up right now.

And to anyone reading these posts, tagging along with me on this journey…may God bless YOU – truly!

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